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October 2018

What is something God can do through you today?

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Every day we have 100 chances to make an impact on someone’s life. How many times do we skip out on that chance to show God’s love through something as simple as an encouraging or kind word? Take your server at a restaurant or the guy in line behind you at the store that you know is having a rough day, but you simply ignore it and go about your day. Take that second to thank someone, appreciate your significant other, take the load off someone at work, or notice a stranger struggling and speak encouragement and kindness into them. You never know what may be the one thing that gets them through their struggle. It could be you.

What is something God can do through you today?

Trunk or Treat

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Trunk or Treat 2018

Would you help us be a safe and fun place for our community on Halloween?
We have many and varied opportunities to volunteer at Trunk or Treat or after. The event will be open to the public from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Our Available Areas to serve are:

Trunks-dress up, decorate a trunk, hand out candy and have fun! Expect to be there the whole evening, we will have people to relieve you for breaks when needed.

Trunk support– keep the trunks supplied with candy and relieve people at trunks when they need a break.

Info Desk– provide direction, answer questions, help check in volunteers as shift changes.

Lost Children station– Play with any kiddos who lose their parents until they can retrieve them.

Food Truck Support– Wrapping and Distributing Hotdogs, Keep up on cleanup and keep supplies stocked

Facilities– Keeping our building looking good, handling accidents, and keeping bathrooms stocked

Inflatables– Big- Help the kiddos six and older get on and off, regulate numbers, and keep them safe

Inflatables-Little– help our little ones who are five years old and under have fun in their own space with their own inflatables and their own music

Greeter– Hand out parent bags and help people find the areas they are looking for

Parking-our parking lot will be hoppin’, help us keep it safe and smooth.

Drinks– Help make and keep our drinks full. We will have coffee, hot water for hot chocolate and apple cider packets as well as lemonade.

Afterwork– Folding up and putting away the inflatables;

Next day work – Reset all the chairs for the weekends services and or Cleaning the building.