The area of North Galilee where many of Jesus’ disciples came from was an area known for being dedicated to learning the Old Testament scriptures..and having Rabbi’s who were calling disciples to follow them. They weren’t just known for fishing.

But, one thing we know is that the disciples like Peter, James, John, and Andrew…were of an age where they had an opportunity to be called to follow a Rabbi…but they didn’t make the cut.

When a Rabbi said, “Follow Me.” He was saying, “I believe you can learn to be just like me.”

So, imagine what it meant when Jesus shows up and tells Peter, James, John, and Andrew that “Follow Me.” Jesus was saying… “I believe you can be just like me.”

Jesus also calls us to follow him…and that means he believe in us too! I don’t know about you, but it makes me stoked that Jesus believes in me!

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