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Kayla’s story reminds us that God uses people, and He uses community to cut through hopelessness that our life experiences can produce. In the midst of our darkest hours, Jesus offers His Hand of rescue, and as Kayla relates, that rescue often comes through the loving hands of men and women who have experienced rescue themselves.


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A whole new chapter of Tony’s story began with his choice to go “all in” with God. His history of abuse, anxiety and PTSD from a very early age were met head-on by the power of Jesus and by the commitment of the men at Discovery to “leave no man behind.” Tony’s story illustrates was that our heart for rescue can reach into even the hardest situations.


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God never leaves our sides, even through a decades-long journey with chronic illness. Marquese shares his experiences with God that drew him into relationship and kindled the desire to “seal the deal” with Jesus.


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No situation is too far from God for His redemption. Heather opened her heart to God’s truths about who He made her to be, and through His power she was able to reject the lies and the abuse that marked her life. Her story of rescue tells us that nothing is too hard for Jesus.


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God never abandons us, and Jesus is always calling, even through the fog of addiction and dependency. He uses people and circumstances to get our attention and to invite us into a relationship with him, where He begins to accomplish the kind of change described in this video by Nicholas.

Greg & Stacy

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Greg and Stacy tell there story and how it almost crushed their marriage. Rarely do we see God in those moments…but He shows up and can turn stories of pain and hurt into stories of hope…something all of us need!