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By October 11, 2017Kids Blog

I work with children because I think that their wonder for the world, and the innocence that they approach everything with, is such a great example of Jesus. It’s sad, as adults, that our imagination and wonder goes away—that we “outgrow” it so quickly. I love watching kids frolic their way down the hall on Sunday morning and have wide eyes and pure joy for worship! Discussion time about their lessons is absolutely my favorite—they get it! They live it, they learn it, and they believe it. 


I had amazing people speak into and love me as a child and preteen, and I know that made a huge difference in how I view Jesus. I got to experience people living for Jesus and coming for my heart at a young age, and now I have a real relationship with him. I believe that came from people loving me and loving all that I was as a child. I have a huge heart for being that example for children, and I get to do that every week in Kids area at DCC. 


As a mom of 2 young, adult children, I am totally aware of how quickly this time goes by, and I want every parent to have somebody that can remind them of how important these days are. I want to remind them how much you will miss the laughter and giggles when they should be going to bed, the funny things they say before their vocabulary grows, their excitement when they learn something new, their heartbreak when a relationship fails, their desire to be seen and known by you even when they rush out of the car or hang up the phone quickly. I want to help parents get through the hard days, be excited for them in the good days and help them to know they’ve done well. Being part of the life of a child is something every adult should experience, and I am fortunate enough to get to do that regularly.

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