This is Part 2 of our interview with Sean Buckles from Building 3 Coffee Roasters. We’re excited about all the great missional work that Sean and Jenna Buckles are doing with Building 3!

Sean has a coffee roaster who a year ago was found almost dead on the ground because of a drug overdose. Who was helped by Springs Rescue Mission and is now seeing his life turn completely around by coffee and the support he receives from Springs Rescue Mission!

This is so important on so many levels, because we need more businesses to step up and invest in our city! To see life change as a result of Building 3 and Springs Rescue Mission coming together…shows how much greater the impact is together rather than going solo.

I hope you enjoy this second part of the interview. And please, if you can, make plans to drive down to Lincoln Center and go buy some coffee from Building 3 each week. When you do, you know your money is going to help others who need the help in our community!

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