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By January 18, 2018Leaders Handbook

Why do we do groups?

Sunday mornings are important, but we believe that life change and spiritual growth happen best in the context of a smaller, safe community – in circles not rows. Groups exist to rescue hearts by helping people discover their story, experience Jesus, and live on mission.

How do we do groups?

We want to enable you to lead in your own style and giftings.  We have no desire to micromanage you, but we want to do everything we can to help you succeed. This is why we have DCC core values that guide what it means to be a Discovery Small Group:

  •      Raw community – It requires us to be honest and vulnerable with our stories. The more of ourselves that we put in, the more we and the group will experience life change.  We do not share other people’s stories without their permission.
  •   Rescue – The goal of a group is life change and spiritual growth. It is through this community that we experience God and receive the freedom and rescue that He promises.  
  •      Grace & Truth – Groups focus on the practical application of God’s authoritative Word, living in the tension of 100% grace and 100% truth.  The group experience is not simply a Bible study, nor is it a social club.

Who do we want to become?

We believe the “Walking with God” model illustrates how you lead life change in your group.  Remember, it’s all about maintaining balance and forward momentum in all 3 circles, all the time.  These 6 Fundamentals are vital to all DCC Short Term Groups, Open Groups, and Life Groups.

Cultivate Relationships with Group Members.  How are you and your group members becoming “known” and connecting outside of group meetings? Cultivate Relationship with God. How are you and group members staying connected with Jesus daily and experiencing Him?
Promote Servant Hearts.  How are you encouraging group members to serve in the group, in the church, in the community and with our mission partners? Promote Spiritual Growth.  How are you supporting and helping your group members take next steps in their spiritual journeys?
Provide Care. How are you modeling support and ministering care to each other? Replicate Yourself and End Well.  How are you helping group members get ready for their next group experience?

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