I can’t tell you how often I hear this in small groups. At DCC, we encourage everyone to discover their story…know what parts of their past are making them believe lies about their present.

So, when people talk about their past…some people have had a rough time…a very hard life. It seems impressive that they are even alive, much less committed to Jesus.

But, then there is everyone else. They feel their stories don’t really matter. They had loving parents, lived a pretty normal and average life, and it just wasn’t that impressive.

But, that misses the whole point. Everyone has a story…and when you really look back on your early life…you’ll find that no matter how “average” you found your life…there were moments when someone made you feel stupid…or ugly…or less than. All it needed to be was a simple comment…but even today – you remember it.

If you believe (agree with) a lie about yourself…then you’ll also believe a lie about others….and ultimately about God.

If you haven’t taken the time to really go back and discovery your story…then I highly recommend you join a Wild at Heart group (men) or a Captivating group (women). The group will be a safe place for you to think about lies the enemy has sown a long time ago…that still affect how you live today.

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