I used to listen to this song all the time by The Proclaimers called My Old Friend the Blues. The song began like this: “Just when every ray of hope was gone; I should have known that you would come along; I can’t believe I ever doubted you; My old friend the blues…”

If I’m honest, sometimes the blues is like an old, well-worn leather chair. It’s too comfortable, because it’s all too common. I just want hide my weary soul in the blues.

Many of us grew up singing this song, The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock. That song comes from Matthew 7:24-27. What’s interesting is that when Jesus is telling it…we often miss one truth. Both the wise man and the foolish man experienced storms, rain, and wind.

Building the house on the foundation of Jesus only keeps us from falling completely apart….but those storms, they still come.

But, another thing we often miss is the hope we can find in Jesus. I know Jesus is the Son of God…but he knows storms.

When Jesus hung on a tree nearing death…he cried out to the Father… “Why have you abandoned me?” You see, Jesus knew exactly what it felt like to feel abandoned by God. This is good news….because now when you are facing a storm and pray to Jesus….you’re not talking to someone who is out of touch with what you’re going through. He knows exactly what you’re feeling…and he can give comfort. Today, remember Jesus gets it…he understands where you are.

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