Why Is Giving Such A Big Deal?

We make it a point not to pass a plate or put subtle pressure on people to give here at DCC.  We really do our best to create a safe place that is all about what we want for you and not what we want from you.  But if we really want to find the life we are looking for we must pay attention to what Jesus says is one of the major things getting in the way of that, our money.  He says our hearts follow our money.  It is truly one of the hardest things for most of us to surrender or trust God with.  We get that.  It is also the only thing that God dares us to trust him with.  He promises that if we do, he will throw open the floodgates and pour out his blessing.  It really isn’t about what he wants from us at all.  It is all about what he wants for us.

So if DCC is your church this page is for you. More and more people in many states and countries are now becoming a part of our online community every week. So whether you are miles away or walking through the doors each week we have created this page as a convenience for you. If you are willing to jump on board and help support the mission of DCC click the link below.

If you have any questions about giving, please do not hesitate to contact the church office at (719) 596-7359 or by email at mydcc@metooplace.com


You can give a one time gift or set up recurring giving conveniently and securely by clicking the button below.



The DCC mobile app provides you a convenient way to give from any mobile device.



Simply text any dollar amount to 84321 and follow the instructions.

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We don’t pass a plate. We just have a couple of boxes in the back of the auditorium