I grew up part of my life in Elimsport, PA…a town you’ve probably never heard of. It is just over the mountain from Williamsport, PA – which you probably have only heard of if you’re familiar with the Little League World Series.

Elimsport was this small, small town that had a General Store that was also where you cashed your checks and sent out your mail. My dad pastored the Baptist church in Elimsport.

In Elimsport there was a sweet elderly woman…I called her Grandma Lowe. I used to walk to her house often. She had these huge vines of Concord Grapes. I used to devour them each time I stopped by when they were in season.

But, Grandma Lowe had a huge impact on my life…because she used to teach me and share her wisdom with me. I learned so much from her and I knew she loved me. That was a big deal for a kid with a hard childhood.

It also taught me an important life lesson. I need mentors who are older and wiser in my life. I know sometimes it seems like older folks won’t understand you, there’s too much of a generation gap…but I’ve found that to rarely be true. They’ve often gone through what I am experiencing..and they have helped me navigate my life better.

I hope you work hard to find a few mentors in your life who can do your heart good..and share a little wisdom with you. Trust me…you need it. I know I do.

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