When Greg and Stacy look back at their story…they find hope and rescue out of the most unlikely place. As Greg was planting a church, he sought manliness and masculinity from the wrong source. He brought his questions about his worth to the wrong people. Then, out of that desire there came an opportunity to disregard his vows, forsake the family he loved, and give into a moment of pleasure. Stacy was left to pick up the pieces of their marriage that had just faced its biggest challenge: infidelity. Greg blew up their lives and their marriage.

But, that’s not where their story ends. God showed up in the midst of that brokenness and through years of counseling, forgiveness, and plain gut-wrenching hard work…God rescued their marriage. In this process, Greg learned that his infidelity had come out of a bigger wounding from his past. That wounding had led Greg to ask his wife and anyone else to answer questions that they never could possibly answer. God alone had those answers. Greg learned that he needed to bring those questions to God.

Stacy, the real hero in this story, also learned from watching Greg’s transformation. She saw her marriage as one that could be lifted from the ashes of infidelity to new heights. That their relationship and marriage could be better than ever before. That Greg and their marriage was something worth fighting for.

Now, years later, it isn’t always peaches and cream….it’s still a challenge and a fight. But, Greg and Stacy don’t hide anything from each other now. They talk, they listen, and they share everything with one another. It isn’t always pretty when a husband and wife are transparent with one another. There’s a lot of times that faults, bad thoughts, anger, frustration, insecurity and so much more have to be shared and that takes courage and a fierce commitment to not allow infidelity to have the final word on their marriage. God has the final word as long as they stay faithful to him and each other!

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