Eric Church’s song, “Kill a Word,” speaks to the idea that our tongues can do a lot of damage. We can make vain promises. We can tear someone to shreds. We can tell ourselves lies with words like “never” and “can’t” – and we can depress ourselves with words like “regret.”

“I’d poison NEVER…Shoot GOODBYE…beat REGRET…I’d hang HATE so that it can’t be heard…”

“If I could kill a word.”

“You can’t unhear….you can’t unsay…”

James 3 likens the tongue to a spark that starts a huge forest fire..and destroys miles of forest. The tongue is the most powerful weapon for good….and yet it can also be the most destructive weapon for bad.

We’ve all said things we regret – we can’t unsay. We’ve all heard things that still ring in our ears and hurt us deeply – we can’t unhear.

Today, prepare your mind to think before you speak…and use your words for good. Kill the bad words…the destructive words.

For those words that someone said to you that cause you deep pain…bring them to Jesus and let him heal those wounds. Jesus can bring you peace and joy!

Have a good day!

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