I know you might be introverted, or independent, or carry a wound that keeps you from trusting people. I get it. Me too!

The crazy thing is…Jesus knows that too. But, he did something we all need to be aware of…he created all of us to live in community.

He made you and I feel empty, like there’s something missing when we don’t do life with others. I know, I’ve done it before too. Stop trusting people, figure you can “go it alone” and just keep everyone at a distance. Feels safer.

The truth is, it is not safer. You are actually putting your heart and spiritual life on a bad course. When we go it alone…it leaves us open to the enemy whispering in our ear – lies about ourselves, lies about others, and it robs us of true joy.

Jesus didn’t create you like that. He knew you needed to go through life with others. You need a community. A group where you’re safe to let the walls down and let into your life. You see, when the enemy whispers those lies in your ear, you need bros and sisters to destroy those lies and affirm who you are.

I know you might want to avoid getting to know others and letting them into your life like a 52 day flu that leaves you farting like an ape after barbecue. That said, you need to do it. At DCC, we always are going to push each of you to find a group to get into. We have a lot of them. There are Thursday night groups that meet every week in our building. We have Wild at Heart and Captivating groups starting all the time. We have SERVE groups that you can join…just ask Kelsey Shaw who needs Production volunteers!

If you’re not currently in a group, please find me in the Garage after a weekend service (big guy, red beard) and I’ll find you a group. Heck, I’ll create one for you if I have to.

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