Okay, I’ll admit it…I’m not good at keeping a journal! Frankly, I suck at it. But, I still believe in keeping track of moments in my life and you should too.

When I was a kid in Pennsylvania, my dad taught me to walk through the thick, forested mountains that surrounded our house. He taught me to cut markers or tie-off markers on trees to mark my way back.

If you’ve ever been in Pennsylvanian mountains you know that they have hills and nooks and valleys…so if you aren’t careful you don’t really know if you’re walking up the mountain or down the mountain. You might even be walking around the base of it. It can be intimidating if you don’t learn how to put markers down.

In a similar way, if we don’t take the time to journal, or use another way to remind us of the times when Jesus came through for us…we can lose our way. We often only remember the hard times…the times where we felt lost and now we’re feeling lost again.

Since I don’t journal, I find really interestingly colored rocks and pieces of wood…and I keep them to remind me of the times where I know Jesus came in and helped us. There’s so many times where I felt desperate, without answers, but then, just in time, He stepped in and rescued us.

When I mark those times…then when I experience times like that again, it helps me trust him and go to him and cry out to him.

Don’t forget to figure out what works for you in marking down the moments where God stepped in and turned a situation around for you.

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