Times have changed and times are strange, Here I come, but I ain’t the same. Momma, I’m coming home… Ozzy Osbourne

I hear this song ring in my ears when I think of the day when I was shopping for gas grills in Home Depot near Ripon, CA – and my dad called me to let me know I needed to rush home, because my mom was not well.

I flew to Pittsburgh and then drove up to Erie, PA where she was in the hospital. I met with the oncologist and learned that she had metastatic melanoma of the liver and she was being released to hospice because she had only a few days.

As I flew out there…a thousand thoughts passed through my mind. My mom praying for me on her knees on Friday nights as I was out with my buddies partying. I remember her praying every early mornings and doing the My Daily Bread devotional every morning with my Pops.

While we had an up and down relationship during my high school years…she had no idea what finding her each night praying for me meant to me.

And now, I was flying to see her for the last time…Momma, I’m coming home!

Oh, how I wish I had more time…more time to tell her those prayers were answered. More time to prove to her that I was a good kid and could make her proud.

The takeaway I want you to have…is that no matter where you find yourself today – prayer makes a difference. Even when it seems to do no good…stay with it. God might be using those prayers years later to impact the heart of a rebellious big kid who hits a turning point in his life. It can impact a husband or wife who has walked away. A teenager who seems unreachable.

Hit your knees and pray…let Jesus do the rest!

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