October Teacher Spotlight-Sunday: Ben and Pam!

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Welcome to our very first Teacher Spotlight!!! We have so many incredible volunteers who work in Discovery Kids, and we think they deserve to be recognized! Plus, what a great way for you to get to know the teachers in our hallway!

First up is Ben! Ben works in our One Year Old room during first service on Sunday mornings! He is an incredible help, and the kids LOVE him! He is a leader and a great teammate for all who work alongside him! Here’s what Ben has to say about working in Discovery Kids:

“I serve with Discovery Kids because I want to be a part of the bigger story at DCC. I was here for a couple of years before I got involved with what was Blast at the time, and I felt that I was missing out. Just sitting in the auditorium every Sunday hearing about what God was doing, and not being a part of it was eating at me. I started serving with the 1 year olds and found a place that I could share my talents with the church.My favorite part of serving is comforting a toddler that is having a hard time. We have a lot of kids come in that have separation anxiety and you can tell the parents are worried they will be too difficult. Being able to calm them (the kids) down and help them have fun is the highlight of my experience with Discovery Kids… that and the 2 year olds wanting to come back to our class. Because we’re awesome.”

Thank you so much, Ben, for your hard work and for loving these littles like Jesus!





Next up is the amazing Pam! Pam teaches one of our Kindergarten classes during second service on Sunday mornings! Pam used to be a Kindergarten teacher, and it shows! She puts so much work and care into every single activity she leads those children in every week. Not only that, but Pam actually took it upon herself to edit the curriculum for our Kindergarteners to be sure that they got exactly what they needed each week! Here’s what Pam has to say about teaching in Discovery Kids:

“I love God! I love DCC! I have a passion for young children. I love the way they think and the excitement they have for Jesus. It makes my heart happy.”

Thank you so much, Pam, for putting your all into this mission and for loving these munchkins with the love of Jesus, no strings attached!







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