Discovery Church Colorado is a thriving community that aims to help people unpack their past and embark on a personal journey with Jesus. For too long, Christians have struggled with feelings of judgment, condemnation, and lack of acceptance.

It's time to break that mold.

At DCC, we believe that we should help people feel the love and grace of Jesus with no strings attached.


We all carry experiences from our past. They affect our perception of ourselves, but also how we relate to others – and to God. Thankfully, God uses our past to shape our futures.

Your Story, Welcomed

Reflecting on our story helps recognize the ways we’ve been impacted by people and events. It helps us see how we cope with – and compensate for – the wounds and hurt we’ve received.

As we unpack our story, we release our past to Jesus and choose His rescue. By shifting our old habits to healthy ways of relating to Jesus and our peers, we launch ourselves down the path to the life we’re looking for.

At DCC, your story is safe and welcomed – regardless of how it reads. We invite you to discover the ways God will use your past to shape your future.

My father was a demanding man, who criticized me when I didn’t excel in school or sports. He instilled in me the lie that love and approval come only when I performed well. When I discovered that wound, I recognized that I saw my Heavenly Father with that same lie, that He loved me only if I met his standards. I have put that lie in its place, and I am now able to receive God’s unconditional love and know that His love does not depend on how I perform.



At DCC, there is always an open invitation to get to know Jesus. We are called to learn about Him, know Him, and involve Him in the day-to-day events we encounter in our lives. Getting to know Jesus involves learning His story and His truth, then allowing it to change us for the better.

Getting To Know Jesus Changes Our Hearts

When we pray to God for wisdom and confess to Him our sin, Jesus shines light into the darkness of our hearts. Jesus adds richness to our lives, and it’s in that richness that we begin to find the things we’ve known are missing. As we lean into His love and support, He guides us into becoming the person He made us to be.

When I first came to DCC, I knew a little about who Jesus was, but I didn’t have a relationship with Him. Jesus just wasn’t a player in my life. But that changed when I joined a Life Group. In my group, I began to see how Jesus was moving in the lives of other people, and I started asking Him to be involved with me. He didn’t let me down. As I knew Him more, He became a real and active player in my life, and I came to understand what it means to have a relationship with Him. Now, I would never go back to the way I was.



Jesus calls us to put our faith into action. Discovering our stories and experiencing Jesus are just religious noise if we don’t act on our faith and share the love of Jesus with others.

At DCC, we encourage you to discover ways to serve God by volunteering in the community and helping others.

What Does it Mean to Live on Mission?

Living on mission means we find the ways to serve God by acting out of love and making a difference in the lives of others.

The fullness of life promised by Jesus comes only when we step outside of ourselves and practice the love for others that Jesus modeled.

I was raised to think being “Christian” was just about going to church on Sunday and maybe memorizing some Bible verses. When I came to DCC, I began to see that people were doing things to help others and making sacrifices to bring positive changes in the community. That really changed my perspective. I’ve got a long way to go, but I’m determined to live on mission and make a difference!