Presley- Why I Chose Children’s Ministry

By October 11, 2017Kids Blog

“Why did you choose to work in kid’s ministry?” Well, the first, and most obvious reason, is that I adore kids!  However, my reasoning goes much further than that.  The hearts of children are so innocent and pure, and I love seeing them come to know Jesus.


I love how, in the Bible, children mean so much to Jesus.  You rarely see Him target specific groups, but numerous times, Jesus called the kids to Himself.  I think this resonates so much with me, because I love how children love wholeheartedly. I always envision a beautiful picture of children gathered around Jesus, with huge grins on their faces, just in awe of His presence.  


I get inspiration from the children, and am always learning something from them.  Sometimes, I look at them and think about how wonderful it is to love with no strings attached like they do… which is something I think we can all learn from.


Children are the next generation, and I find it so important that we love on them and grow them up in truth.  I never could have picked a more rewarding area of ministry!

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