Rebecca- Why I Chose Children’s Ministry

By November 8, 2017Kids Blog

God has always had a calling on my heart to help others. In my teen years I started volunteering at a nursing home. I grew and learned so much that summer in discovering the joys of a servant’s heart. Some of my best days helping at the nursing home, I would go visit with residents that did not have family or friends to come see them. The smiles on their faces when I stopped by to ask them how their day was going and simply listen to their stories was priceless. The wisdom we can gain from our elders is amazing if we only take the time to stop and listen.

The following summer I volunteered at the YMCA working in the Kids area as well as teaching swimming lessons. This was a whole different and wonderful experience, changing from senior care to children. With the seniors, they taught me so much wisdom, while working with children always inspired me to keep asking questions and to never stop learning. With children they are ever-changing, always absorbing from their surroundings, learning new things and growing mentally and physically every day. We must nurture our young minds—they are our future.

I have been serving with Discovery Kids, in Infants and then as a hallway leader, for the past couple of years. I have loved my time working with the children, the staff and the other volunteers. When an opportunity to join the Discovery Kids Team was discussed I knew that I could not ask for a more fulfilling opportunity!!

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