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By October 11, 2017Kids Blog

I moved to Colorado and started going to Discovery nine years ago. Growing up in, and being a part of, the children’s area at Discovery was such a life change for me. Before moving to Colorado I was in a couple of other children’s programs but I never felt as loved and welcomed there as I did at Discovery. Once I was old enough to serve in the children’s area I was there helping in anyway I could.

Now I am an intern for Discovery Kids and I absolutely love it.  There are so many things that contribute to why I work with kids and love my job. I work with kids because growing up in Discovery Kids, I had an amazing experience and it really helped to shape me into who I am now. Two years ago I started teaching second graders by myself and it really helped me realize how much teaching kids meant to me, and the amount of growth I experienced was amazing. It was so special to me that I got to be a part of the kids lives and help them navigate through tough stuff they were going through. After this year when my kids were moving up to third grade I moved with them because I didn’t want them to go and I wanted to keep investing in them and showing them the love of Jesus. Knowing and experiencing how much of an impact we, as leaders, have on the kids each week is what really made me want to start working in Discovery Kids. The life change is real and that goes both ways; as much as you impact and change their lives, your life will be forever changed as well.

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