Colorado Springs’ Coffee Shop Is About More Than Coffee Pt. 3

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This is the third installment of our interview with Sean Buckles from Building 3 Coffee Roasters.

One thing is for sure, the growing coffee culture/industry in our city is doing BIG things! It is so great to see so many roasters and cafe owners not seeing each other as competition, but rather in partnership in serving up community in our city!

Please enjoy this last installment of our interview…and please be sure to go down to Building 3 and buy some of the best coffee in the city – and know that the money is going to support missional work in our city! How cool is that?

Colorado Springs’ Coffee Shop Is About More Than Coffee Pt. 2

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This is Part 2 of our interview with Sean Buckles from Building 3 Coffee Roasters. We’re excited about all the great missional work that Sean and Jenna Buckles are doing with Building 3!

Sean has a coffee roaster who a year ago was found almost dead on the ground because of a drug overdose. Who was helped by Springs Rescue Mission and is now seeing his life turn completely around by coffee and the support he receives from Springs Rescue Mission!

This is so important on so many levels, because we need more businesses to step up and invest in our city! To see life change as a result of Building 3 and Springs Rescue Mission coming together…shows how much greater the impact is together rather than going solo.

I hope you enjoy this second part of the interview. And please, if you can, make plans to drive down to Lincoln Center and go buy some coffee from Building 3 each week. When you do, you know your money is going to help others who need the help in our community!

Colorado Springs’ Coffee Shop Is About More Than Coffee

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Part 1 of 3

Colorado Springs’ coffee scene is heating up! More than just fluid that infuses energy into our bloodstreams, and more than…yawn…Starbucks, the variations to the cups of the best substance God ever created available in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas are significant. Educated customers and fanatic loyalists alike all have their favorite local coffee shops. It’s a good thing then, there is, what feels like, an ever-increasing list of local roasters, experienced shot pullers, and a parched, caffeine-crazed population that is starting to demand the best.

Options now abound for coffee shops in Colorado Springs! Where to go for the best cold brew on tap? Where to go for the largest selection in single origin pour overs? Where to go for a robust full-flavored latte? Or even where to go for a Cortado? These questions are growing harder to answer with the local bar being raised on our coffee scene.

But, that’s just flavor…roasting…and quality. The real differentiater in Colorado Springs coffee shops is mission!

This week kicks off a 3 part series on our blog where we interview Sean Buckles from Building 3 Coffee Roasters in Lincoln Center! Sean sees mission starting in the very ground the beans are grown in. He wants to make sure that the farmer in Guatemala is getting a fair price, but also that it is helping support and benefit entire extended families! This is why Sean works with importers like Onyx who work directly with farmers in Guatemala and not only see that growers, like Maria, a single mom trying to support herself and her extended family, are paid a fair price, but also that she’s able to grow some of the best quality beans in the world, putting them in high demand. More than that…Onyx growers also give back to their local communities in big ways. Partnering with great partners like Edwin Martinez of Onyx, helps Sean to know that Building 3’s coffee starts in its very beginning on mission – helping families and communities thrive in areas like Guatemala!

So, please listen Sean’s great story of moving from a member of our special forces to owning his own coffee shop in Colorado Springs!