I grew up part of my life in rural town where it paid to be tough. If you were going to say some smart_ statement, you knew you might get punched. It was just how we rolled. We’d bail hay together, pick up rock together, mend fences together…and we’d play just as hard.

But, I do remember a time where a fight happened…and some of our group, well, they disappeared. They looked at the people we were up against and quickly retreated. (In hindsight, probably not a bad idea)

In James 1, we encounter this word hupomone – or perseverance. It’s a military word. It was used by the Greeks to describe a man who looked at the enemy coming towards him, saw that they were greatly out-numbered, and yet dug his heels into the ground and would not retreat – no matter the odds. What is more…he did this when all those in his unit…turned and fled.

James tells us that when we decide to respond well to a trial…a circumstance that greatly tempts us to sin…to do something damaging to our character. That when we decide to resist that urge to sin…that it builds the steel in our backbones…that will make us hold our ground no matter what the attack of the enemy brings.

So, we want to encourage you to build up this character in your life. Take stands, resist damaging your character, and if you do…it will only make you stronger against the enemy!

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