In our culture, we are raised with this idea that the word Meek is a negative. That is is someone who shrinks back, who runs and hides, who is weak kneed, and is the opposite of bold.

But, that definition is not the true definition of the word Meek, when Jesus says “blessed are the meek!”

That word is derived from a Greek word that referred to a bit in a draft horse’s mouth. Have you ever seen a draft horse? Like a Clydesdale? They are huge animals and strong…they can pull just about anything.

Yet, a powerful horse is controlled by a bit. The word meek really means: Power under control.

I don’t know about you, but I look up to men and women who are bold powerful leaders, but they remain under control. I admire that quality, probably because I don’t often have it. Through my life…I’ve struggled with my temper or my passion. I can get intense. But, I so aspire to keep my passion…and my drive….but have complete control over how I express those.

I strongly desire to be MEEK!

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