You’re Not Insignificant

By December 8, 2017The Feed

Do ever feel insignificant? That you don’t matter? Or what you do doesn’t really make a difference? Me Too!

Many times we lose sight of how important just the little we have to offer can impact so much. Sometimes we think big non-profits like Compassion are funded by very wealthy, big donors. And while that is true to some degree…the lion share of their donations comes from people like you and me adopting a child and paying a small amount per month to support them. Thousands upon thousands of children’s lives are changed because of individuals and families who contribute a small amount of $$ each month.

At DCC, we have so many ministry partners that need our help, we have many SERVE groups that need our help – and truly, it doesn’t require very much from us. But, when we all do it together…it does some pretty amazing things! We have so many people who have been reached, fed, given warm housing….who have experience life-change and rescue…BUT all of whom would not have had that opportunity if it weren’t for people just like you and me giving our time, money, and margin.

So, let me tell you…you may feel insignificant, you may feel like you don’t matter – but that is a LIE that the enemy whispers in your ear and mine. Your effort, your life, what you have to offer…Jesus can take it and make big things happen! So, yell back at the enemy and call out the lie for what it is. Then, please tell yourself and KNOW that you have infinite worth and you do make a difference!

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