Sometimes, we need to change perspective. Circumstances can make us zoom in and get myopic just on what we’re going through – or what someone is doing to us or others.

But, if you were to watch a video that was all zoomed in on a knife plunging into someone’s chest….and that was all the context you were given…you could feel like that is violent and horrible.

However, if we took the same video and zoomed out and you saw that the knife was being wielded by a doctor who was cutting open someone’s chest to save their life…it would change our perspective.

That’s how life is a lot of times. We get drawn into our problems or a person’s actions – where we zoom in and it can blow up our day…sometimes our week. Yet, if we only zoomed out and tried to understand the context of what’s going on. When someone wrongs me or a friend of mine, often times it is because of their story or a wound they are carrying. If we zoom out we get perspective and it changes our take. It can also often lead to understanding and forgiveness.

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